series k

konkrete photographie :: photographie concrète returned to the photograph as an object by itself, not to a medium to display or to keep records of something. but in digital photography the image tends toward virtuality and in a society communicating per media, which are no longer objects but data streams or carriers, just files. They can contain financial data, mathematics, music, pictures, videos, movies, programs, apps and a lot more. musical structures or structures of an image can potentially control machinery or vice versa. nft is another step in virtualizing art. so how to do photography concrète in a digital world? Is this a contradictio in adjecto, a kind of oxymoron, just in case you love the aesthetics of impossibleness? so I started mounting objects to a flatbed scanner in the nineties, creating surreal imagination. the photograph not as the reproduction or portraiture of the world, but as a painting of light. this was always in the focus of my thoughts and feelings on photography. light itself tends to oscillate between particle and wave. there phenomena one can only describe light as a particle and phenomena one can only describe it as a wave. so it is oscillating between being an object and pure energy. this tends to result to photographs just being an oscillating mixture of energy and particles.